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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Star of the Future?

Steven Showalter hasn't made it to the big time in the modeling world but he has signed with one of the largest agencies in Japan. Good luck to him, I say. In these Polaroids he looks less like a supermodel and more like the cute boy you see around the neighborhood.


  1. Such a lovely looking lad!
    For me, he already IS a star!

  2. Going to have to agree with you Ver.

    Not that I'd say no....

  3. If he cums over to my house he will make the big time - LOL

  4. soooo sorry fellas. Steven Showalter isn't Gay... sold out to the ladies.. oh and for vera's comment,Guess he did ok for the neighborhood boy, he booked Korea then Japan..Then China... .pretty good for a straight boy HUH?