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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Fainted

The official website for the upcoming movie Beastly posted a new image yesterday.


  1. heres your smelling salts ... I can now see why Action Alex was pictured shorn of those blond locks . As in Beast mode , he i clearly has had to shave all those locks off .

    I feel this is yet another example of our young dreamboats and thier devotion to the 'method'

    monty would be proud !

  2. Yes, and it appears that in Beast mode they didn't just shave his head, they also shaved off his eyebrows! But at least those seem to have grown back.

  3. Oh, my. Now isn't that just the most breathtaking find of the day?

  4. Vera,

    Are you buying this as Alex's bod (with some body makeup)? I consider you my authority on the subject, but I'm buying it unless you put the kaibosh on it.

  5. I can guarantee that this is his body. His moles, his nips (I could pick those nips out of a line-up) and tatts covered with make-up.