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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Open Letter To Target

This is not the kind of thing I usually put on the Big Gay Blog, but I was so incensed by my trip to Le Target last night that I sent the following email and I'm still so angry that I had to vent.
"I don't know why I am even bothering with this except it makes me so mad I could spit. I am well aware that nobody there at corporate gives a flying fig about customers and I will be lucky to receive so much as a vaguely worded form letter but, again, really angry, have to get this off my chest.
This evening I stopped in my local Target store ( a store, incidentally, at which I spend about a quarter of my disposable income) to buy a few things. The main thing I needed was a rake. It is November. The leaves all fell off the trees in my yard over the weekend and I need to rake them up. I looked around your store and failed to find anything resembling a rake, although I did find aisle upon aisle of Christmas merchandise. So I asked one of your fine, poorly paid employees. A rake? "Oh, no, not anymore." His companion thought that maybe there was one "in clearance." Nope.
Here are three questions I'd like to ask the brain trust up there in Minneapolis: 1) When do you suppose is the time of year that people would want to buy a yard rake? Perhaps in the autumn when they need to rake leaves? 2) How many people are really concerned with buying cheap-ass Christmas ornaments three weeks before Thanksgiving? 3) Could it possibly be the case that the reason retail sales are down is because the people who make the buying decisions are frickin' idiots? Because I just gotta say, you are forcing me to spend my money, the money I wanted to spend at Target, at Wal-Mart. Happy?"