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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy Crap!

I had planned to lay off the Alex Pettyfer posts for a while but then these out takes from his VMan photoshoot with Hedi Slimane surfaced over at À Cause des Garçons and I went a little apeshit.

By all my normal standards I should be repulsed- he's smoking, he has ugly tattoos all over his body and he is sporting bad facial hair. But I can't help it. He drives me mad. Mad, I say!


  1. The last one...with his hands in his pants. That one. Oh, to be those hands.

    The boy can never look bad.

  2. "By all my normal standards I should be repulsed..."

    You have standards? Who knew? Just kidding. You obviously have very high standards. But as for high morals, well, thankfully not so much so.