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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rory Smiles!

I've written about Rory Torrens before, one of my favorite current models. I think of him as being the moody type, so what I love about this short video from the folks at EY!  (apart from the fact that it consists mostly of Rory taking his clothes off) is that he talks to us, smiles quite a lot, and  looks a bit sheepish once he's standing there in his underwear.  Don't get me wrong,  I love me some snarly Rory, but I like this Rory too.  I wonder which one is closer to his real personality?

EY!nspiration for 2011 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cowell's Legacy: Zayn

Say what you will about the hot mess (albeit a very successful hot mess) that is Simon Cowell's UK phenom The X Factor,  and many things have been said, but year after year Uncle Simon always gives us something nice to look at.  This year's winner, Matt Cardle, may not have been my cup of tea, and the lovely, odd Aiden Grimshaw may have left the competition all too soon, but at least we had third place One Direction, five very lovely teenagers,  right up to the last show.  Of these, Zayn Malik may not have had the best personality, nor the best voice, and it is thought that his lack of ability kept the boys from doing choreography of any kind, but he sure was nice to look at, and was kind enough to have these pictures taken, lest we forget.

One More Chance To Gaze Upon My Future Ex-Husband Before The Year Ends

Thank you, Dreamworks, for these new promo pictures.  I am generally not a fan of dodgy facial hair, but Alex manages to pull it off.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Super Big Extra Spectacular Boxing Day Sunday Roundup!

Did everyone have a super-special Christmas this year?  I hope so.  While the rest of the English-speaking world celebrates Boxing Day today,  here in America it's just the day after Christmas.  But no matter!   Here is your Boxing Day gift,  the biggest Sunday Roundup ever. Enjoy!