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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Hero

Is Hero magazine XY reborn? No, but when I came upon issue #2 of Hero at Barnes and Noble the other day I could not help noticing the similarities. Like XY, London-based Hero is perfect bound, is printed on uncoated paper (it even smells like XY) and contains pages and pages of teenage boys in varying stages of undress. Unlike XY, which was ostracized for its supposed sexualization of gay teenagers (although I am of the opinion that the real problem people had with it was the way it empowered gay teenagers, but that's another story) Hero has almost no pesky text apart from some fluffy Q&As with some of the models in the back pages. And unlike XY which tended to use "real" boys as models, Hero uses only professional models. In fact, most of the models in issue #2 have appeared on this very blog at some time or another, including lovely cover boy Paddy (real name Patrick Mitchell, pictured above), Iowa boy Ryan Bertroche, and my favorite model of the moment Francisco Lachowski. Hero doesn't purport to be anything but an excuse to ogle hot, young male models, and there's nothing wrong with that. I liked it so much that ordered a copy of the first issue.


  1. and i thought you had only one 'hero' - action alex ?

    Yeah , I like Hero , great magazine .. i do miss xy
    it was a favourite of mine .

  2. This is legal in Iowa?
    Paddy as a cover boy, faith and begorrah! Thanks Vera, I must seek it out.

  3. I have no.1 and liked it...apparently no.2 is even better! Thanks!

  4. It really is a lovely magazine. There is something special about the touch, the feel and the smell of it that adds heaps to the content.

  5. CUTIES!!


  6. There is no better reason to buy a magazine! ( I bought every single issue of XY.) I bought HERO strictly because it had Paddy Mitchell.