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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hidden Treasure

A few nights ago I watched this movie I got from Netflix called Rock The Paint, a low budget indie from 2005 which I thought was well intentioned but amateurish, preachy, and dramatically flaccid. I mention it here for one reason only. Douglas Smith.  He is a pleasure to watch in this and everything else in which I've seen him.


  1. I love Douglas Smith! I keep thinking he's the more likeable of the 2 bros...mind you I wouldn't kick Greg out off my bed...
    Thanks for the film tip!

  2. *blink* Did I even know he was Gregory's little bro? If I did, I'd totally forgotten (I must have at some point, right?).

    And wow, those abs are great ... I mean, I guess he was 18 or 19 when this was filmed (and looking 14) .. but just Wow. He's definitely my favorite part of "Big Love".

  3. Gosh, he looks even better than I remember. Thanks, I will seek this out!