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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ad Break

I was very surprised by this McDonald's ad from France.  Having worked for McDonald's in the past, for a fairly long time,  I think of the corporation as being essentially evil, and I'm sure that they would never dream of showing anything like this to an American audience.

Thanks to the blog A Reader's Journey for sharing this with me.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Is Not A Recommendation

I found Prince of Persia to be exhausting, and not necessarily in a good way. But if it worked at all (and if you compare it to something as slapdash as the recent  remake of  Clash of the Titans it's a masterpiece) it's mainly due to the considerable charms of Jake Gyllenhaal.  But be warned, if you go expecting him to be dressed like he is in these pictures you'll be sorely disappointed. It's the old bait and switch; the scene lasts for about a nanosecond. 

Friday, May 28, 2010


Turn off your countdown clock, gorgeous Gregg Sulkin, possessor of the best dimples in Hollywood, and king of the self-tightening tee-shirt (®jaymcfly) turns 18 today.  Although, since he's in New Zealand right now, technically he celebrated yesterday.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Shirtless Guy Of The Day

I can not believe those thighs.

Risky Rory

To me,  the thing that sets Rory Torrens apart from your average  gorgeous, long, lean and lovely Brit teen model is that one gets the feeling that he'd cut a bitch. And that's exciting.  No, really, I'm sure he's a very nice boy. Just don't cross him.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Humor From The Internets

Vera is always up for a little Twilight bashing.

Wednesday Is Cute Day

Every time I fail to post a picture of a shirtless guy my traffic goes down. Oh well. This fellow, with his cute little nose ring, may have a shirt on, but he's too nice to resist.

And if that's not cute enough for you, here's a picture of an adorable little bunny rabbit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cute Author Alert!

A few years ago, when I read Simon Rich's very funny book, Free-Range Chickens, I had no idea that he had a secret, and that secret was that he is a cutey-patooty.  Looking at him it's hard to believe that he's written three books, articles for The New Yorker, GQ,  and Mad, and is on the writing staff of Saturday Night Live. His latest book, Elliot Allagash: A Novel, out today, is aimed at the young adult market, which is appropriate because he looks like a high school freshman.

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Nick Hissom Goodness

This is just one of the photos The Fashionisto is using to illustrate their two-part interview with up-and-coming model (and Vera fave) Nick Hissom.  He has everything it takes, I think, to make it big, including a proactive attitude towards self-promotion, but more than anything, that face.  Wow, that face! Aside from his Twitter feed, which I reported on earlier, he also has a public Facebook page which you might enjoy.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Under Where?

I must be living under a pile of rocks, because somehow I completely missed this picture of Simon Nessman in the Galliano fall/summer '09 campaign. Better late then never, right? Simon is currently  #5 in's ranking of male models.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Avan(t) Garde

The other day- Monday, to be precise- I was looking at a list of the key search words people were using that day which led to my site. I noticed that one of the top searches was "Avan Jogia Shirtless."  "Well", I said to myself, "I'd like to see that myself."  Because, really, I think he is just the lovliest thing.  Today, just minutes ago, a dear friend of mine sent me this picture, certain I had already seen it. I had not.

Oh baby!

Thanks Bufs. You rule. Seriously.

Naked River


YVY seems to be the first to have posted these photos of a chastely naked River Viiperi. Had to share.

Styles That Might Not Catch On

You've heard of people wearing lampshades on their heads?  Mr. Viiperi here has chosen to use the whole lamp.  Gotta admit, the rest of the ensemble is fabulous.  A great face really is the best accessory.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whatever Happened To Ed Speleers?

It's been a very long time since we've seen enticing Ed Speleers in anything new. It seems as if his acting career has amounted to one bad break after another.  Well, good news for those of who have worn out their Eragon DVDs: Ed's got a new movie on the SyFy channel this weekend!  The bad news is that Witchville, for that is what it's called,  appears to be one of those super-tacky cheesefests that SyFy is constantly trotting out.  Well, good, bad, or indifferent, I'm definately setting the DVR.

Styles That Might Not Catch On

Attacked by a Muppet!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hard To Believe!

Can you believe that someone as interesting as up-and-coming teen model Nick Hissom,  soon to be attending an American university while modeling for Ford Models NY, has only 17 followers at Twitter? Inconceivable,  until you learn that he only recently set up his account.  I have a feeling that the numbers will soon begin to grow.  You can check out his tweets @Nickhissom.

Monday, May 17, 2010

What's Wrong With Angry?

This is not the kind of thing I usually post here on the Big Gay Blog,  but this very angry and impassioned letter from a Vermont mother to homophobes everywhere deserves to be read and spread around.  I would like to see it go viral,  and I intend to do whatever it takes to see that it does.

Sunday, April 30, 2000


For the Valley News (White River Junction, VT)

Many letters have been sent to the Valley News concerning the homosexual menace in Vermont. I am the mother of a gay son and I've taken enough from you good people.

I'm tired of your foolish rhetoric about the "homosexual agenda" and your allegations that accepting homosexuality is the same thing as advocating sex with children. You are cruel and ignorant. You have been robbing me of the joys of motherhood ever since my children were tiny.

My firstborn son started suffering at the hands of the moral little thugs from your moral, upright families from the time he was in the first grade. He was physically and verbally abused from first grade straight through high school because he was perceived to be gay.

He never professed to be gay or had any association with anything gay, but he had the misfortune not to walk or have gestures like the other boys. He was called "fag" incessantly, starting when he was 6.

In high school, while your children were doing what kids that age should be doing, mine labored over a suicide note, drafting and redrafting it to be sure his family knew how much he loved them. My sobbing 17-year-old tore the heart out of me as he choked out that he just couldn't bear to continue living any longer, that he didn't want to be gay and that he couldn't face a life without dignity.

You have the audacity to talk about protecting families and children from the homosexual menace, while you yourselves tear apart families and drive children to despair. I don't know why my son is gay, but I do know that God didn't put him, and millions like him, on this Earth to give you someone to abuse. God gave you brains so that you could think, and it's about time you started doing that.

At the core of all your misguided beliefs is the belief that this could never happen to you, that there is some kind of subculture out there that people have chosen to join. The fact is that if it can happen to my family, it can happen to yours, and you won't get to choose. Whether it is genetic or whether something occurs during a critical time of fetal development, I don't know. I can only tell you with an absolute certainty that it is inborn.

If you want to tout your own morality, you'd best come up with something more substantive than your heterosexuality. You did nothing to earn it; it was given to you. If you disagree, I would be interested in hearing your story, because my own heterosexuality was a blessing I received with no effort whatsoever on my part. It is so woven into the very soul of me that nothing could ever change it. For those of you who reduce sexual orientation to a simple choice, a character issue, a bad habit or something that can be changed by a 10-step program, I'm puzzled. Are you saying that your own sexual orientation is nothing more than something you have chosen, that you could change it at will? If that's not the case, then why would you suggest that someone else can?

A popular theme in your letters is that Vermont has been infiltrated by outsiders. Both sides of my family have lived in Vermont for generations. I am heart and soul a Vermonter, so I'll thank you to stop saying that you are speaking for "true Vermonters."

You invoke the memory of the brave people who have fought on the battlefield for this great country, saying that they didn't give their lives so that the "homosexual agenda" could tear down the principles they died defending. My 83-year-old father fought in some of the most horrific battles of World War II, was wounded and awarded the Purple Heart.

He shakes his head in sadness at the life his grandson has had to live. He says he fought alongside homosexuals in those battles, that they did their part and bothered no one. One of his best friends in the service was gay, and he never knew it until the end, and when he did find out, it mattered not at all. That wasn't the measure of the man.

You religious folk just can't bear the thought that as my son emerges from the hell that was his childhood he might like to find a lifelong companion and have a measure of happiness. It offends your sensibilities that he should request the right to visit that companion in the hospital, to make medical decisions for him or to benefit from tax laws governing inheritance.

How dare he? you say. These outrageous requests would threaten the very existence of your family, would undermine the sanctity of marriage.

You use religion to abdicate your responsibility to be thinking human beings. There are vast numbers of religious people who find your attitudes repugnant. God is not for the privileged majority, and God knows my son has committed no sin.

The deep-thinking author of a letter to the April 12 Valley News who lectures about homosexual sin and tells us about "those of us who have been blessed with the benefits of a religious upbringing" asks: "What ever happened to the idea of striving . . . to be better human beings than we are?"

Indeed, sir, what ever happened to that?

If you agree with me that this is something that needs to be read by everybody, please send it to people you know.  Put it on Facebook, on Twitter.  It's time to stop being polite and start getting angry. You may feel safe and comfortable, but your very right to exist is being called into question.  Do something about it.


Surely there is someone among you who can identify this blond with the intense blue eyes? I don't know about anyone else, but I'd kind of like to see more of him.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Look who's 19 years old today.  We'll be having cake later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too Busy

I'm too busy to post anything substantial right now, so here's a guy in his underwear and a stylish fur hat.  I share them, I don't explain them.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Lena Horne left us over the weekend at age 92.  I'm guessing there are younger folks reading this who don't even know who she was.  She began her career at the legendary Cotton Club when she was just a teenager. She moved on to Broadway until Hollywood came a-calling. M-G-M signed her with the hope that they could pass her off as a Latina, but Miss Horne would not play along and other than a few "all black" productions, she was doomed to a series of guest-starring roles which could easily be cut out lest  certain audiences should be offended by a beautiful African-American woman interacting with Caucasians. In the 50s she went back to Broadway and headlined at the swankest nightclubs (back when there was such a thing as a swank nightclub).  She also took some heat for marrying a white guy in a time when interracial marriage and "miscegenation" was illegal in many states. In the 50s and 60s there was this thing on TV called "variety shows" and she was on all of them. She also made some swingin' albums.  She had more attitude, and was fiercer than any drag queen could ever hope to be.  In the 80s her one-woman show on Broadway played to packed houses.  If you have never seen a Lena Horne performance you must consult YouTube.  We will never see like her again.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

How's This For A Change?

A model I've never posted here before?  I know, it's a radical concept! Allow me to introduce Sam Whitman, a 22-year-old from Canada (although he's a British citizen) who was discovered in a bar in Thailand.  What would your reaction be if someone approached you in a bar in Thailand and asked you if you wanted to be a model?  Mine would probably be to run away very quickly.