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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cute Author Alert!

A few years ago, when I read Simon Rich's very funny book, Free-Range Chickens, I had no idea that he had a secret, and that secret was that he is a cutey-patooty.  Looking at him it's hard to believe that he's written three books, articles for The New Yorker, GQ,  and Mad, and is on the writing staff of Saturday Night Live. His latest book, Elliot Allagash: A Novel, out today, is aimed at the young adult market, which is appropriate because he looks like a high school freshman.


  1. mmm ' free range chickens '? now there's a book i haven't read , although oddly I have kept free range chickens .

    the author ? very cute , i feel i must find out more .

    i thank you for the alert .

  2. We could never be bff! You have the exact same taste in men as me....

    We would be fighting all of the time ...

    he he he

  3. Thanks. I do so envy your being around so many books. I will track these down and enjoy them all the more having seen the pics.