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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sexual Icons Of My Youth #2

Is it even possible to call a magazine a sexual icon?  Because I remember this particular issue of GQ from the early 1980s (I'm guessing 1982) with great fondness.  You're going to have to take my word for it when I say that GQ seemed a lot gayer then than it seems now, and I used to pore over every issue looking for clues to how I should live my life, and also, of course, to ogle the pretty models.

The Wonders Of Children's Television

The last time I watched the Jonas Brothers' Disney Channel TV show was... OK I'll admit it,  I've never watched their damned TV show.  I'm always afraid they might try to, you know, sing.  But since I'd seen the paparazzi photos and I knew that Austin Robert Butler was a guest on this week's show, I had to tune in.  I probably will never watch the show again, for fear that the Jonas boys might try to, you know, act,  but Austin didn't fail to deliver, peeling off his jacket and giving the audience a nice eyeful of what they'd been wanting to see.  If you like the long, lean, rippy look (and I know there are people who don't,  I just don't understand those people) Austin is about as close to perfection as you are likely to get.  In the meantime, Nick Jonas was nothing but a great big tease,  pretending that he was about to strip, only to have the camera cut away as he was undoing his top button.  Those Disney boys ought to know by now that the key to career longevity is to get their shirts off and get them off often.  Yes, Mr. Sterling Knight, I'm talking to you! 

Incidentally, these caps are the work of drakai78, a poster at Famous Male Forums.  If you like these, you might want to go there and thank him.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nick At Night, Day, Whenever

I've been saving up my cache of recent Nick Hissom photos, and there's quite a few of them, to post on his 18th birthday, the fourth of July, but this Poloroid he just posted on his twitter page is just too good to sit on.  It must be nice to always be the best looking person in the room.

Victorious Boys

I am not going to pretend that Nickelodeon's teen-com Victorious is a good show.  It is basically like every other show on Nick,  silly fluff with good-looking people.  I am shallow, of course, so it's the good-looking people who get me every time.  And make no mistake,  the three guys who co-star on Victorious are prime beef on the hoof. They are:  hunky and baby-faced (killer combination!) African-American godling Leon Thomas III, hot nerd with ventriloquist's dummy Matt Bennett, and  lovely, lovely Avan Jogia. In this episode the gang is trapped in an overheated RV, and before long the clothes come off.  I was dissappointed because I was  hoping for a nice HD version of this, but it hasn't materialized, so these will have to do. But my biggest disappointment is that Leon never got that t-shirt off.  Drat!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Unnaturally Cute

If you've been watching Unnatural History on The Cartoon Network (I told you a little about it last week), then aside from the charms of its often shirtless star,  Kevin G. Schmidt,  you can't help but have noticed Kevin's handsome co-star, Ontario-born cutie Jordan GavarisYou'll be excused if you missed Jordan's starring role in a very earnest, very Canadian coming-of-age drama called 45 R.P.M. These pictures are from a prolonged scene at the beginning of the film in which the local constable makes a frequently truant Jordon go to school, forcing him to board a school bus in his underwear. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sexual Icons Of My Youth #2

In the 1980's Scott Madsen was the Soloflex boy, appearing in a series of iconic print ads, posters, brochures, and beautifully produced TV infomercials which mostly consisted of Scott wearing tiny gym shorts whilst demonstrating home work-out equipment.  For gender balance, a young woman got in on the action a bit, but mostly it was Scott.  I used to scan the cable dial (36 channels back in those days, and yes, it was still a dial) seeking out those ads, and most of the time I found them.  After Scott left Soloflex he was replaced by a boy named Randy PotterRandy was beautiful, but it just wasn't the same.

Here, as a special treat, is the very first Soloflex infomercial, entitled The Promise.  To give you an idea of how times have changed, please note the narrator telling us that "you don't want big stomach muscles."  Nowadays, huge abs seem to be the first goal.

Check out a great Scott Madsen shrine here.