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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sexual Icons Of My Youth #1

Boy, oh boy did I love Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes when I was a kid, especially the ones that were drawn by Mike Grell in the 1970s. His long, lean, rippy legionnaires in their skin-tight outfits, especially Superboy, really got my pubescent motor running. One particular issue, pictured above, which featured a lot of creative 30th century bondage and a leather daddy called Grimbor The Chainsman, pretty much blew my mind.


  1. Lightning Lad was my dreamboy, with Braniac 5 a close second...

  2. I remember those books very fondly, too. And both Superboy and Lightning Lad were favourites of mine, but Element Lad with his pink and white costume always attracted my attention. Not to mention Cosmic Boy's black bustier!

  3. Oh, the memories! That particular super-villain's WHOLE THING was that he tied people up!

  4. i have to confess that and i think i was 11 at the time , i had the most vivid dream of spidey being tied up . I was very into drawing superhero's at the time so i drew my own version of it .

    my drawing of course went down like a ton of bricks at art class .