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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sexual Icons Of My Youth #2

Is it even possible to call a magazine a sexual icon?  Because I remember this particular issue of GQ from the early 1980s (I'm guessing 1982) with great fondness.  You're going to have to take my word for it when I say that GQ seemed a lot gayer then than it seems now, and I used to pore over every issue looking for clues to how I should live my life, and also, of course, to ogle the pretty models.


  1. Oh Vera, you that are so well versed in alll the twinks names, can you please came to my blog and tell me the maned of the blue eyed pink boy with the crooked nipples?

  2. How interesting , I think your right , I recall buying GQ
    on import and it was filled with great looking adverts of fabulous looking men , and of course all the products you could wish for .

    Back then , am I right in recalling that women barely got a look in , it was men and more men !

    Im sure through GQ I found out about Fahrenheit by Dior.

    I used to love interview magazine back in the 80's and early 90's too .

  3. I couldn't afford the magazine but would keep am eye out for copies in other people's trash in the alleys of Venice, California where I then lived. I would cut out the pages that really 'impressed' me but there some issues that were too good to cut up and I'd save the entire issue. After a few years I noticed that all the ones I saved were February issues and I was intrigued. So I looked at the credits more closely and realized that GQ had apparently let one photographer do nearly all the photo shoots for the February magazine each year. It was a guy I never heard of at that time named Bruce Weber. I still have those issues tucked away.
    Later it seemed that it seemed that Interview Magazine had given Weber the same deal...