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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Victorious Boys

I am not going to pretend that Nickelodeon's teen-com Victorious is a good show.  It is basically like every other show on Nick,  silly fluff with good-looking people.  I am shallow, of course, so it's the good-looking people who get me every time.  And make no mistake,  the three guys who co-star on Victorious are prime beef on the hoof. They are:  hunky and baby-faced (killer combination!) African-American godling Leon Thomas III, hot nerd with ventriloquist's dummy Matt Bennett, and  lovely, lovely Avan Jogia. In this episode the gang is trapped in an overheated RV, and before long the clothes come off.  I was dissappointed because I was  hoping for a nice HD version of this, but it hasn't materialized, so these will have to do. But my biggest disappointment is that Leon never got that t-shirt off.  Drat!


  1. nick knows how to pull in the ratings. we would watch paint dry for 30 minutes if the right shirtless guy was holding the brush.

  2. Always imagined that nerd to have quite a hot voila: qed!
    Of course lovely lean Avan beats them all!

  3. It's weird, when I was younger, Nick (or Disney movies for that matter) couldn't show armpit hair or happy trails. Now anything goes! Lucky young gay boys are really getting more bang for their buck.