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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

By Popular Demand

A kind reader named Jim sent along all of these nice pictures of gorgeous Nils Allen Stewart, Jr.,  professionally known as BooBoo Stewart, who he correctly maintains is under-represented around here.  BooBoo, plays a junior member of the shirtless werewolf clan in the latest Twilight flick, which made about 798 trillion dollars this past weekend.  A lot of people have tagged him as the second coming of Taylor Lautner,  but BooBoo has already has had a pretty amazing career.  He's been acting from a young age, he's been a very successful model, he has worked as a stuntman on many projects, he has a  band, and at the age  of 16 his film resume already includes producing and composing credits.  And also, he's pretty.


  1. What a heart breaker.

    Interesting pix here

  2. and here

  3. oh gosh...he is so so cute....

  4. Vera, you are (with regard to things Boo-Boo and beyond) ... truly prescient.

    I've admired this lovely, gentle kid for a while and root for his success. He IS the real deal. Imagine. YSIWYG in an industry that often lacks basic integrity.

    Of course it doesn't hurt a whit that he's cuter than a boatload of fuzzy bunnies!

  5. Holy crap, he's my favorite. So prettyyy.