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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Basso Profundo

Gabriel Basso, age unknown, plays Laura Linney's surly teenage son on the new Showtime program The Big C. Against all my better judgement I find him... interesting. 


  1. Looks kinda sweet - thanks for the headsup!

  2. why is he so familiar looking to me?
    reminds me of Nathan Kress...
    Oh... haha, he plaed Nathan's look alike on iCarly!
    but he's very cute in a peculiar way

  3. Wow, Luke. Looks kinda sweet ... indeed, yes, he does! Taranay, I never woulda remembered if you hadn't mentioned it, but he was the Freddie/Nathan lookalike in the iCarly "twins" episode. Also, thanks to Imdb, I recall him from an episode of "The Middle" called "The Neighbor."

    And, of course, props to Vera, as ever.

  4. I don't have cable or watch television, but I did have the chance to see an industry screening of "The Big C" (which I loved) and was impressed by this quirky-cute son. While I do think the "disrespectful teenage son" archetype shouldn't be encouraged, based on what this show is about (his mother has cancer, fourth-stage, I think it is, but don't quote me on that detail), I am betting that people are going to be seeing some amazingly impressive performances coming from this actor. And Laura Linney--you betcha! AWESOME!

  5. I find his unusual good looks very attractive!