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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Red Shoebox #8

Two Calvin Klein boys. This is a bit of a cheat because neither of these scans are scans I made. I do have these pictures in a shoebox, I promise you, but I also already had them on my hard drive.

First we have a photo from the height of the designer jean craze.  This fellow and his very fine back side was featured in just about every magazine there was. There was even a follow up ad in which he turned over and showed us front side, which I hope I someday to find. It's well worth the price of admission. 

Calvin boy #2 is from an ad campaign launched in the mid 1990s and quickly pulled off the market  when people compared it to 1970's smut (which certainly was the intention)  and Klein was accused of promoting kiddy porn.  There was even one hysterical hour of Oprah devoted to it, featuring a blond 15-year-old boy , angry father in tow, who claimed that he was somehow tricked into appearing in this potentionally lucrative international ad campain.  Klein quickly replaced this campaign with another using most of the same models.  Not the blond though. Vera is on the record as being amazed that people think it's the wood paneling and shag carpet that defines pornography and not the exposed genitalia.


  1. Pity they pulled it back....I liked the photos a lot.

  2. #2 great pic from a most memorable campaign, inspires me to try and track down the others.

  3. I'm confused about the 2nd pic. I don't see anything exposed. I see he's wearing undies that are covering him. I guess because he has his legs open?