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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bitch! Why You Gots To Get All Up On My Man!

No, but seriously, how is it that just when I gave up on any new news about my beloved Alex Pettyfer and broke down and did a desperation post, something happened the very next day? I mean, I hate when people write and speak in text lingo, but WTF? So what happened ? Well, this picture happened...

...and these pictures happened.

So, apparently Alex went off to PA to film I Am Number Four, and promptly fell in love with his co-star Dianna "Quinn Fabray" Agron.  And instead of saying, "No, dear boy, this can never work, for I am an old lady of 24 and you are a mere child of 20, and as we all know, May/December relationships such as this can only work with same sex couples", what she said was, "Hells yeah, let's do this thing!"  The next thing you know they are spotted swapping spit  on the Tower Of Terror at Disney World, and canoodling on the set of Glee.  But  he's my man, damn it!  Who does she think she is stealing my man?

Oh, wait. I'm obsessive, not delusional. 


  1. Fight fight fight her for him, she's some tramp stealing your man. xx

  2. D:
    All I can think is nooooooo!
    mixed with
    what perfect blonde children they would have

  3. Well I want to know that as Action Alex is on the set of Glee , will he go ' one and one ' with puck ?

  4. I bet he stars on an episode of Glee now. Who wouldn't want that pretty face on their show? If he does, you better believe I'm recording it. :P