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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hairy Situation

Fredrik Ferrier hails from Iceland and is new to the modeling world.  He obviously has a great face and spectacular body, but his hair is, shall we say... controversial.  While it's true that very long, unruly hair isn't really my cup of tea, I know of certain people who would be reduced to a quaking mass of jelly just at the sight of it.  


  1. Well, that hair does look good on him! I wouldn't want to be the one to clean the sink after he has been showering though...

  2. I am the one slightly breathless and weak in the knees.....*big sigh* And Luke, I'd gladly clean the hair from the sink, tub or toilet if he showered in my bathroom. "8mirk*

  3. Well...that "MY bathroom" makes a difference of course ;)