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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Have You Seen...?

Fiasco Magazine has gone live with its new digital issue and there is a lot of lovely stuff in it, not least of which is a photo essay featuring Ash Stymest and Luke Worrall.


  1. Nice find and pics, Vera!
    Although the hat might not catch on. And there are bigger badder ones on the site!

  2. Luke and Ash all nice...but someone else caught my eyes...

  3. Luke looks so sexy on the cover. You know I always love seeing pics of him. :) Since Tait is too young for me to pen a character after, Luke is my alternate... if I ever decide to start writing again. He will definitely be my next muse. Wow, all Brits. Toby, Alex, and then Luke.

  4. Mothra, I live in a college town. If I saw someone wearing that hat I wouldn't think twice.

    Luke, do you mean someone else in Fiasco Magazine or someone... else?

    April, you are a women with refined and exquisite taste.

  5. Yup, it's someone else I found in that magazine.

  6. Cute! .. see more guys at