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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Give Up

I have tried, really tried, not to be a Zac Efron fanboy.  Every fiber of my being says that I should stay away, that one way or another he will eventually break my heart.  But then, damn, this cover photo for Details is just so damn fine.


  1. I so agree. Seems like only yesterday he was the endearing, gap-toothed Cameron to Jesse McCartney's Bradin on "Summerland."

    Given his meteroric rise to fame, I want to be snide and dismissive about his career. But honestly, I can't be anything short of awestruck and happy for the toothsome lad.

  2. I hear ya. I used to HATE him when High School Musical came out. But ever since Charlie St. Cloud has been filming,I just oculdn't help myself. and then I watched the movie. He's got some shirtlesss scenes, and those EYES. Dang. Now I am in love with him!