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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Cute Actor Of The Day.

Hutch Dano is one of the stars of the goofy DisneyXD show Zeke and Luther.  If you haven't seen it, no need to rush.  He recently starred in a completely formulaic TV movie  called Den Brother, also not crucial viewing.  Nice picture, though.


  1. Too true that "Z&L" isn't exactly compelling drama. But, oh my, Hutch sure is. Compelling I mean. He's a hottie's hottie of the first order.

  2. Just watched a couple of episodes...pity they did it in such a silly way, in fact I liked some of the ideas and jokes, but it's all too childish...could have been done much better. Mind you I find it amazing how hot Hutch manages to look there despite all silliness!

  3. another 1 I'm dying 2 see shirtless <3