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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Action Alex Gets Active

There was happiness and rejoicing around chez Vera today as Dreamworks released the first teaser trailer for I Am Number Four starring Alex "My Future Ex-Husband NĂºmero Uno" Pettyfer in the title role.  Here's my major quibble:  why can't American film producers figure out a way to let Alex use his real English accent instead of  a fake American one.  His natural accent is absolutely swoon-worthy, and to me his American accent is still ever-so-slightly unconvincing . It must be convincing to someone though.  I recently read a Twitter comment that assumed his accent in Wild Child was fake.


  1. Yes, he sounds like he's trying really hard to hold in a fart or something.

  2. what a fab trailer , i love it when action alex shoots his light beams from his hands , now if he'd just don't the scene and well all the others shirtless , those tight muscles !

    accent wise , what about Double D's method accent , now that was quite something to behold !

  3. Haha! I posted the trailer on my site too. :D And I agree with you Auntie Vera. I wish Alex could've used his normal accent. Why couldn't Number 2 get killed in America and he's Number 4 living in England?