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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yet Another Hot British Boy Named Alex

What can I tell you about Alex Annand?  He's from Blackpool,  he has signed to a London-based modeling agency and... that's about it.  Oh, and of course he's hot. but that goes without saying.  What can you tell me about Alex Annand?

P.S.  I know about his Tumblr, his Facebook, and his MySpace.  And yet he remains a mystery.

P.P.S.  On his Tumblr he suggests that you may ask him anything, but hot models make me incredibly shy. I get the feeling that he'd like you to follow him.


  1. Selflessly, I will follow him ... anywhere.

    Yet another beauty I'd have missed but for you, Vera. Thank you.

  2. Love him but I don't know if he can ever replace the hole in my heart that Mr.Pettyfer left, of course he could always try ;d

  3. What a sweetheart, fab face and hair. Looks better with shirt on, methinks.

  4. Does anyone else see a little Rick Astley in this guy's looks?

  5. Rick Astley? Well, yes, now that you mention it, I do see the resemblence. Not that that's a bad thing.