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Monday, October 25, 2010

Gorgeous Gregg Brings The Pretty

Here, via Just Jared Jr., is the dimpled one, Gorgeous Gregg Sulkin, looking pretty in pink at a red carpet event in Hollywood this past weekend.  He's rockin' the Buddy Holly glasses, which only makes him hotter, in my opinion. It also makes me wonder if he has prescription lenses in those things. From reading the JJJ peice one might assume that Gregg attended the event with his Avalon High co-star Molly Quinn on his arm, but he was also photographed  "keeping close" to his good buddy David Henrie.  Ah, sweet bromance. A few questions, Gregg, honey. 1) Are those bleach spots on your shirt?  Do we have to go over those laundry rules again?  2) What is going on with the shirt tail pulled out on one side only?  Is that a new thing?  I can't keep up with these kids and their wacky fashions.


  1. I was wondering about the shirt tail too? Unless he's hiding more white (wet)spots!

  2. Ho-ho. I just ran across these pics at JJJ and wondered (needlessly as always) if Vera had seen them.

    But goodness, what photos. Gregg in pink looking his gayest and best eva' ...

    As for the bromance, I'm warming to the idea. I only hope that Dave is treating Gregg with the respect he's due. I doubt it but, shamefuly, that excites me a little. Oh, my!

  3. Well he certainly looks pretty in pink ! and Is it me or does Double G look rather flushed in the picture with the total package , i love the glasses too .

  4. Quite the pectoral power couple!
    A charity pose-off would be nice.