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Monday, November 1, 2010

Would You Pay To See A Movie With This Cast?

Do you think that there might be some enjoyment to be had in a motion picture starring Alex PettyferJustin Timberlake, Matt Bomer, Cillian Murphy, and Vincent Kartheiser ?  If so, you are in luck because just such a movie is in production even as we speak. Now, the high concept science fiction flick formerly known as  I'm.Mortal, is written and directed by Andrew Niccol, the man behind Gattaca and the screenwriter of The Truman Show

If Auntie Vera seems particularly happy it's because the last few days have been rife with news about her future ex-husband Alex Pettyfer .  Last week, Variety wrote about Alex's deal at Dreamworks to produce and star (you heard me, produce!) his longtime dream project , a biopic about 1970s race car driver and playboy bon vivant James Hunt. According to Variety, Alex has also been taking meetings with Ridley Scott about a mysterious project. Yesterday, the New York Times ran an article about Dreamworks' new relationship with Disney, mentioning that Dreamworks is "grooming Mr. Pettyfer as a star." And today ran the story about Alex and Matt Bomer joining the cast of  Now and also let drop that Alex is on the short list for the starring role in Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Killer,  a role that every young actor in Hollywoodland has been "circling around", but which has been widely thought to be Aaron Johnson's for the taking.


  1. I loved Gattaca , and the thought of that cast list , would have me at the flicks .

    Now Action Alex and Brian Singer that would be a casting couch session and a half . Funny I was reading about the adonis be the favourite for the role of jolly jack , interesting to see how that turns out .

    mmm action alex and ridley , could it be the alien prequel ? oh my action alex and the alien going ' one on one ' , he'd have to get shirtless , those space ships have very unreliable air condtioning .

    the james hunt bio , a role action alex was born to play ,

  2. What an amazing cast. I shall see this movie at first opportunity.

    As for Vera and her future ex, stars are in ascendence for both. And deservedly so!