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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cowell's Legacy: Zayn

Say what you will about the hot mess (albeit a very successful hot mess) that is Simon Cowell's UK phenom The X Factor,  and many things have been said, but year after year Uncle Simon always gives us something nice to look at.  This year's winner, Matt Cardle, may not have been my cup of tea, and the lovely, odd Aiden Grimshaw may have left the competition all too soon, but at least we had third place One Direction, five very lovely teenagers,  right up to the last show.  Of these, Zayn Malik may not have had the best personality, nor the best voice, and it is thought that his lack of ability kept the boys from doing choreography of any kind, but he sure was nice to look at, and was kind enough to have these pictures taken, lest we forget.


  1. Oh, who needs talent when you look this good. He could be the British Enrique Iglesias!

  2. Oddly I'd like Niall , that rosy cheek reality pop cherub to do a few pictures too . not he's my fav or anything .

  3. Stop Press! I seldom, okay, never have anything nice to say about Simon but I must admit that I'm grateful for some of his chosen few. Zayn is simply beautiful.