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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Short But Sweet Sunday Round-Up


  1. This is One of your blogs, no shine

  2. Much food for thought here Vera!
    Including how one gets a job applying those temp tats like the ones on #6 *faint*

  3. Many lovely pictures....for some reason I like fast runner a lot.

  4. Vera, I have a request for you. Or you can call it a challenge. I know it will be difficult for you. LOL! With the year coming to a end soon, I was wondering if you could make a post around Dec 30th or the 31st of your Top 10 fave photos of 2010. Yeah... that's hard, isn't it? I triple-double-dog dare you to put the photos together. No seriously, I want to see your favorite photos. You post a lot on your blog, and I've always wondered about it. I'll be checking back around the end of the year to see if you do it. :D