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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lachowski Overdose

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, to discover that I have never shared these particular photographs of Francisco Lachawoski, from the aptly titled magazine Made In Brazil.  These have been floating around on the net for at least a month, but I suspect I didn't post them because I was afraid you might have overdosed on my South American pretend boyfriend. But you know what?  Screw that! Nothing succeeds like excess, I always say.


  1. The 3rd and 4th photos show that he's not much of a tennis player, so I wonder what he got all those trophies for.

    My imagination has way too many possible answers to that.

  2. He's a jolly little hunksome toy totty treasure.

    Getting popular too, seems to be in a lot of places. YUM.

  3. I think there can't be just enough pics of Francisco! So no overdose for me. Thanks for the pics which are new to me!