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Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest Dispatches From Planet Pettyfer

Today I'm going to talk about Alex Pettyfer, because that's what I do, and also because a lot of interesting stuff is happening on Planet Pettyfer.  By this time next month his first headlining movie to receive a wide release in America will be in theaters, and two weeks later, out comes his second. In preparation for that we are beginning to see the efforts of various PR teams come into play as they introduce Alex to a much wider audience. In addition to the Pettyfer heavy ad campaigns for I Am Number Four and Beastly, we are seeing things like this photo spread in the February issue of GQ, 

the introduction of the Kyle as the Beast Bobble-head, 
and the announcement that he will be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show next Friday.

Even more exciting to someone like me who has been a rabid champion of his cause for much longer that anyone else I know has known who he is, is all of the great stuff that seems to be happening for him in the future.  He already has a juicy role in Now which releases at Halloween. I'm sure I've already reported this, but Dreamworks has secured the rights to a book called Shunt: The Story of James Hunt for the sole purpose of starring Alex in the movie version. What I haven't mentioned are some of the other projects floating around with Alex's name attached: Vlad is a historical drama about the man we know as Dracula, produced  by Brad Pitt and written by the proto-Pettyfer, Charlie HunnumLords of Florence is also a historical drama, but this one is about the rivalry between  Leonardo Da Vinci (Liam Neeson) and a much younger artist,  to be played by Alex, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, Michelangelo for short. Will these films actually happen? Too soon to say.   That doesn't stop me from being excited about them.

I'm even more excited about something that happened yesterday.  Quite a while ago  I told you about Jace Wayland  and The Mortal Instruments.  Remember? The Mortal Instruments is a popular series of young adult novels by Cassandra Claire, a paranormal adventure/romance about a girl who learns that she born into a society of magical demon hunters, one of whom is the beautiful, mysterious, and super-sarcastic Jace Wayland.  If you are comparing The Mortal Instruments to Twilight, which is a fair comparison, Jace is the Edward Cullen.  If you are comparing it to the Harry Potter series, also a fair comparison, it would kind of be as if Voldemort had a son and Harry was in love with him. If Harry were a girl, of course.  Alex has long been a fan favorite to play Jace. If you do a Google image search for Jace Wayland you will find page after page of photos of Alex.  That's why it was big news yesterday when it was revealed by some reliable sources (ahem, Cassandra Claire) that Alex has been offered the role of Jace, and it is simply a matter of a deal being made- if Alex wants the role it's his.  Furthermore, the head of Screen Gems, which is producing the film,  has reportedly decreed that Alex is the only person who can play the part and without Alex the film will not be made at all.  Ooh, drama!  Watch this space, we should know how it all turns out early next week. Filming would commence in early March. Watch this space.


  1. So busy as befits a man of action . A.A is also in this months Total Film , doing an interview for I am number 4 .