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Friday, January 28, 2011

So Lovely, Even Lesbians Want To See Him Shirtless

Even though it's still three more weeks until I Am Number Four hits cinemas,  Alex Pettyfer has had quite a week, capped by this revealing appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show.

When I last wrote about Alex's booming career, I told you about The Mortal Instruments, and Jace Wayland,  the role that many people (including, according to some sources, the head of Screen Gems) think can only be played by Alex.  Last weekend, Alex and the cast of I Am Number Four participated in a press junket,  and entertainment reporters from across the land had something other than their usual question to ask. (Q: "Are you and Dianna Agron dating?" A: "I don't discuss my personal life.") Now they were also able to ask this and, I'm paraphrasing here, "I know you are still in negotiations and nothing is certain,  and everybody with a lick of sense knows that you can't publicly discuss your involvement in a film project that you haven't yet signed onto to, but will you be playing Jace?"  Answer: "We'll see."   Many of these interviews appeared throughout the week and were posted to various websites. 

So the week started off with Mortal Instruments fans waiting with baited breath for the appearance of the long-awaited news that Alex had signed on the dotted line; news that didn't appear to be forthcoming.  That's why there were girls on Twitter saying things like "If Alex Pettyfer doesn't accept the role of Jace, I'm actually going to throw up."  That's an exact quote. Poor Cassandra Claire was forced to remind the fans of her novels that she didn't know any more than they do about the Alex situation and that they needed to (paraphrasing again) calm their shit down. 

Instead of Mortal Instruments news, what we got were papparazzi photos of Alex  going out for a shirtless jog, which turned up on pretty much every website that features handsome movie actors going for a shirtless jog, including, now, this one.  

Then,  on Thursday night, disaster struck.  Well, not really. Vulture, which was the website that first broke the story that Alex very likely would be Jace,  porclaimed that that they had new "inside information"  indicating that Alex was giving the Mortal Instruments offer a pass. Why?  Because  Warner Brothers has offered him a movie that he likes better,  an adaptation of Joseph Delaney's series The Wardstone Chronicles (known in the US as The Last Apprentice).  This despite the fact that Screen Gems has reportedly offered him a "very generous multi-million dollar contract."

In short,  heady times for Alex and his fans.  Watch this space.

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  1. I love Alex, I love Ellen and I love Vera. Gosh, I can hardly cope!