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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting The New Year Out Right Sunday Roundup

One thing I learned in 2010, maybe the only thing, is that the best way to generate traffic at a blog is not to try to be  cute, witty, funny, or wise. All I have to do is post lots and lots of pictures of boys, the more undressed the better, and watch my page views soar! I don't have to write anything at all!  And so the Sunday Roundup was born.  So here's another one for your viewing pleasure.

Before we call this quits, allow me to start out the new year by writing down a few things that I should probably write down more often: The Disclaimers,  not that anyone will read them. Unless otherwise stated these photos are all web finds and do not belong to me. If they belong to you (and you can prove it) and you don't want them here, email me and I will remove them, but I reserve the right to publicly berate you first.  Unless otherwise stated I do not know who these boys are, how old they are, where they live, or how to get in touch with them, so don't ask. Even if I did know I probably wouldn't tell.  I know nothing of the sexual orientations, preferences, or proclivities of anyone pictured here and make no implications thereupon,  but that doesn't mean I don't have my fingers crossed.


  1. Aw, I think you're cute, witty, funny and wise and I visit your site more for it. And your round-ups are always the best, somehow they always have the pictures I've never seen before.

  2. This is straight up, a top 10 post

  3. I love your disclaimer , for me its picture number 4 , fab

  4. Damned shame about your not actually knowing these boys, because I have a few chores that need doing, and the first and last guys would work out perfectly.

  5. You sure like it big! wise I mean....geez is there actually a word that does NOT have sexual connotation...

  6. The first blond, the one being hugged on the picture with the red frame and the one with the white tank top.

    Please send them to the usual address. This time the British School boy attire is not required. They may came as they are.

    many thanks!

  7. Such a wonderful collection of handsome fellows that it's quite stopped me in my tracks. I've now got to go for a little lay down!

    (For which I thank you from the very bottom of my heart!)

  8. Used to be I'd wake-up late of a Sunday and spend a mindless hour or two swilling coffee while I made a complete mess of the Sunday crossword. Thanks to you, Vera, I no longer need such Sunday diversion.

    Who needs a lame old crossword when there's a fresh supply of steaming hot twinkage at Vera's?

    Of course, your wit and wisdom alone are enough to draw me here, but that's a whole different sort of fervor.

    Thank you for all that do ... and for sharing it!

  9. i love shirtless guys
    you have some sexy ones in there
    all cute

  10. Is the first black and whit gif of the two boys having sex from a video? If so, where from?

    I'd really appreciate the info.