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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The "I'm Just About Over Winter" Sunday Round-Up, Part 2

In case you missed it,  the "I'm Just About Over Winter" Sunday Round-Up, Part 1  can be found here.



  1. what a fabulous collection , I have to say the chap with the cascading bangs , blue eyes and fab shirt does stand out for me .

  2. Winter wardrobe getting to ya?? What's the Vera Fashion going to be this spring?

    60's and 70's are looking to come back this spring. Even bell bottom jeans and macrame. Men's motorcycle fashion is due for a rebirth.

  3. I think no. 6 from top has a twin bro who got featured on the puppies page quite recently, no?

    And where do I get such a lovely looking cook's mate, please?
    Sure would look good im my kitchen.....