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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Year Without An Oscar Nomination Sunday Roundup

While I have your attention I have something important to talk to you about.  Blogger seems to be deleting gay blogs recently.  Just this weekend our friend Luke's blog was removed without notice.  So if this blog disappears unexpectedly,  please check Puppies of Purgatory for news, or email me. I will not let my blog die unless I want it to die. I have no reason to expect anything to happen, but you never know.

Now back to the good stuff...


  1. So how did you get a reply from him and do you know if he will be making new blog and on your blog sexy sexy sexy do you have names for 3(i think alex pettyfer)is 24 luke? if so i likee. 29 37 39 59 i think he's flexing 72 hand in hair 74 strawberry 84 on the floor 85 87 one with guy staring out window and one with bottle in his mouth

  2. I think that other comment was spam... but anyway. I was looking for your blog the other day and it said you'd been removed and I was like NO!

    I don't know why they would remove you or him, neither of you have quote on quote "porn". Everyone pictured is clothed... enough. I can think of a couple other blogger blogs that do post more provocative stuff than you and they didn't disappear... hmm, anyway

    it's good have you back!

  3. Hey, mica, I think if you set upa seperate Yahoo account and add it to your authors--dashboard-permissions, it might save you, thats what i did and would love to see if it works, i'm no hero, just a slick MF

  4. I love your Sunday updates, but I sometimes wish you'd number the photos. It's make it a lot easier to comment on individual photos.