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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who Makes The Better Caravaggio Model?

Caravaggio's Boy With Basket of Fruit 
Dexter Fletcher, Caravaggio (1985)
Andrew Garfield, Power of Art:Caravaggio (2006)


  1. Dexter, w/out a doubt. The signs of life are on his face--very Caravaggio!

  2. Definitely Dexter who seems to have happily settled into middle age. Time catches up with us all.

  3. I can't make my mind up about Andrew Garfield. Sometimes I think he might be the most beautiful man in the world, sometimes I think I would sit next to him on the bus without even clocking him.

  4. Dexter is certainly best. As a young actor he was never shy of showing off his assets - and what wonderful assets they were. Many directors, including Derek Jarman who produced the film, Caravggio, gave Dexter ample opportunity for showing off his gorgeous body.

  5. I love Dexter, he's a dream, or at least he was, I've not seen him for many a year.

    Another lifetime ago I used to know his girlfriend. Year since passed.

    Thanks for the memories!