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Friday, September 16, 2011

Pop! Goes The Weekend

To get your weekend started, here are a few music videos I've been enjoying lately, for one reason or another.  

I'm going to have to start with One Direction who will be topping the U.K. pop charts for the very first time with their ultra-bubblegummy song, What Makes You Beautiful. The song is catchy enough, not blow-your-mind great, but what did you expect? It is not a particularly interesting video either, except for the fact that every one of the 1D boys is imminently do-able. Especially Harry.


After a very painful gestation period, the musical Spiderman, Turn Off The Dark, not only opened on Broadway, but seems to be a hit.  It's a bit old school to release a single from a musical, and this never really had any chance to chart, but Reeve Carney's recording of Rise Above 1, featuring Bono and The Edge from U2 (they wrote it) has been available on iTunes since May.  The song sounds a lot like it should be a U2 hit from the 80s, and Reeve seems to be vocally channeling BonoBono was never as cute as Reeve, though.


The fact that Frankmusik (whose first album, Complete Me, is brilliant from start to finish) has yet to make a commercial breakthrough, is almost inconceivable to me.  Complete Me is very Europop in it's sensibilities. His upcoming album was recorded in Los Angeles, and the first single from it, Do It In The A.M., which attempted a more urban vibe, seemed to be geared more toward a U.S. audience than his previous work. It was an OK track, but not on par with anything from his first album.  His newest single, No I.D., is a duet with an American girl singer named Colette Carr. It is just about the catchiest, frothiest, giddiest pop single imaginable and I cannot get it out of my head.  As you'll see, the video pays homage to Grease,  and Vincent Frank looks freakin' fantastic in 1950s drag. 

Finally, this is not new at all, it's more than a year old,  but I just love this clip of beautiful Alex Gardner, and his band, sitting in a greenroom backstage at a gig and doing a live, acoustic performance of the Take That song ShineAlex has been in America lately, recording new songs, and I can't wait to hear them.


  1. I have to say I may need to download the rocking reeve
    video as reeve does look stunning . Oddly I was thing about the pop cherub alex the other day . I like the pop songs he does but he obviously has a lot more to offer
    so I'm really interested to hear his new songs .

    love the frank musik song , have you heard of Bright light , bright light ? - disco moment is just the sort of song One D should have a go at or hire the Wanted's song writers .

  2. Thanks for the shout out! If you liked the video and want to hear more, swing over to our site to sample a few tracks from the album:

  3. Good ones, Vera! That Alex Gardner could make a person swoon and scream like a teenybopper.

  4. all these boys are sooo dreamy & them shirtless WOW & Niall when he speeks I just melt ;)