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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beeser Ist Besser

I have three things I want to say in regard to the beautiful young thing pictured above,  a recently signed model named Robbie Beeser.  #1. I probably would not have found Robbie as soon as I did if it hadn't been for jaymcfly at Dreamboats, who found him first.   Thank you Jay!  

#2.  Isn't it interesting, the difference between models in Poloroids looking normal gorgeous and the same models in professional photos looking super-glam gorgeous?  Compare.


Professional photos:

#3. What is the deal with all these amazingly beautiful guys from Canada?  I think it has something to do with universal health care.


  1. I wonder if its the lighting and the photgrapher that amps up the gorgeousness , Vincent Ko who did the outside shoot is very talented . I'd love if Touchdown Robbie did one of the short videos ala robbie the model .

  2. How utterly adorable, beyond words adorable.