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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Department Of Nostalgia: Nick Heyward and Haircut 100


I was reloading all my iPad data today, because the recent "upgrade" to iOS 5 completely fucked it up, and in my search for the right and proper cover art for Whistle Down the Wind by Nick Heyward (one of the greatest pop songs of the 1980s-in fact, if it weren't for the somewhat obtuse lyrics I'd upgrade it to THE best) when I came upon this picture of Nick.  How cute was he?  Naturally, this lead me down a Haircut 100 rabbit hole from which I still have not extracted myself.  Nick is fifty years old now. Fifty.  Where has my youth gone?

Incidentally, this is the second time I've blogged about Nick Heyward.  The other entry can be found here.


  1. how lovely to see Nick featured here again I once spent the evening with him in the recording studio , he even made me a demo tape of the tunes the band were working on . A truely nice guy .

  2. The ever loverley Nick! Fifty you say? Such a young man!

    Thanks, Vera, for this trip down memory lane ... such as my failing memory is these days. :-)