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Monday, October 3, 2011

Tales of Abandoned Blog Posts, Part One

The other day I noticed that I had several unfinished drafts of  potential blog posts languishing on my administrator's page.  When I say several, I mean twenty-seven. Twenty-seven failed attempts to entertain you.  Closer inspection show that several of those were early versions of posts that did make it to a published state. Several more were pointless rants, or simply bad ideas.  Then we have posts like this one, from August 2010,  which I had titled,  "xavier [sic] likes to lie around in bed with boys." The premise, or at least the kernel of an idea I had, was that Canadian multi-hyphenate and francophone Xavier Dolan could often be found  in pictures, lounging  in bed in a state of  undress in the company of other boys, and that I would gather these pictures together and share them with you. The problem with that idea was that I failed to find this mythical cornucopia of pictures.  In fact, I had only gathered these three pictures. As you can see, in the bottom one he isn't even in bed, let alone with other boys.  I'm sure that I had reason to believe that the boy on the right in the middle picture is Xavier, but in retrospect, I'm not so sure it is. Which left me with just one single  picture of Xavier in bed with a boy- The Borgias hotness, Francois Arnaud- from I Killed My Mother.  Had I just waited a few months I would have been able to add shots from Heartbeats, but  my timing was off, and this post died on the vine.


  1. That middle pic looks qute familiar :)It's from "Miroirs d'été" and it depicts indeed Xavier Dolan in bed with his film bro Maxime Allaire.

  2. I love finding half done posts, months after starting them. It's like a treat for the eyes, yet a kick in the pants for the mind as the memory fades!