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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tales Of Abandoned Blog Posts: Vintage Totty

There must have been something of his on TV that made me think at the time that I should do a post about Jeffrey Hunter, or maybe I wanted to do a little something about Hollywood male ingenues of  the 1950s.  In fact, maybe I still want to do that.  I honestly don't remember what was going through my head, but this is as far as I got-  uploading these two photos showing Mr. Hunter by the pool.  

For those of you who don't know,  Jeffrey Hunter had a nice little career going for himself in the '50s, playing  boy next door types who always manage to get their shirts off.  His best film was The Searchers, but his biggest role, was as J.C. himself in Nicholas Ray's King of Kings, which has increased in reputation since then, but in 1961 Hollywood wags referred to it as "I Was A Teenage Jesus."  He was also Captain Christopher Pike of the Starship Enterprise in the original, rejected pilot of Star Trek. He died in 1969, only 42 years old.

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  1. Hollywood male ingenues , I would certainly read that post . love jefferys trunks .