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Sunday, November 6, 2011

25 Songs, part 3

Yes, more of my top 25 songs on iTunes, because I know how much you care.

At #11,  Pure by the Lightening Seeds, one of my favorite pure pop songs of all time.  I remember seeing the video on MTV and buying the CD the very next day, despite the fact that I didn't find lead singer  Ian Broudie even a bit sexy. Pure made the Billboard Top 40, but the Lightening Seeds have never set foot in the Hot 100 again. They were much more successful in their native land.

I imagine that if he looked more like this he might have sold more records.  (Actually I'm just posting this picture of actor Matt Brinkler in order to drum up a little traffic.)

Who knows what kind of shizz you will find after the jump?

#12, Mrs.Robinson, but this is an abbreviated version from The Graduate soundtrack album, with  spooky dissonant chords included so as to warn you of some upcoming unpleasantness, no doubt.  The video is from a reunion concert they had, many years later.

In his long and illustrious career, this is the only movie in which I ever looked at Dustin Hoffman and thought, "Mmmm. Cute."  Relatively speaking.

#13, Greatest Day by Take That. My favorite song from comeback era Take That is Shine, but I like this fine.  I prefer the cheeky, shirtless, occasionally pantsless, teen idol era Take That, to be honest.

#14, Adele, To Make You Feel My Love.  Again, why this song?  I prefer Chasing Pavements, or Someone Like You, or Rolling In The Deep.  It isn't even an Adele song, really. It's a Bob Dylan song. That hack.

#15, Angel Eyes by the great Anita O'Day. Her tumultuous life would make a great movie, but who could possibly play her? I couldn't find  video of her singing Angel Eyes, so instead, here's her legendary set at the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival.  She later admitted that she was completely strung out on heroin during this performance.

I'm not particularly fond of this cover of Sea of Love from the Juno soundtrack (#16), even though it comes up in random play and in my Genius play lists all the time. I love the original version by one-hit-wonder Phil Phillips, but apparently there's no video of him performing it.

At #17 is  a song by Dido called Here With Me, and I actually had to listen to it to even remember what it sounded like. The title rang no bells with me at all.  I guess it was a hit in 1999?  But,  yes, it turns out that I do like this song. 

I'm also partial to Dido and Aeneas

Is it just me, or did Rubens make Aeneas look like a 15-year-old with a fake mustache?

 To be continued, maybe.


  1. The lightning seeds have reformed , well really they didnt break up a bit like roxy music . by golly the ticket prices are a tad high .

  2. Lightning seeds, that's such a great name for a band.