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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Eyes Have It

Eugene Simon is a 19-year-old British actor who has caught my eye as of late.  I remember him from a few roles he played as a kid actor, and in my opinion, he has grown up real good.  You may have seen him in the Nickelodeon series, House of Annubis (probably not) or HBO's Game of Thrones.  He has the prettiest blue eyes. Not surprisingly, he is also signed with a modeling agency.  Nice to have something to fall back on.


  1. he reminds me a bit of dougie mcfly and a bit of harry the model . I do recall him being as the young gerald durrel . As you say grown up very well .

  2. My impeccable sources (ok, random stuff I've read on the interwebs) tell me that "House of Annubis" has been renewed. YAY!

    Meantime, if Eugene is in want of something to fall back on, I'm there as his simple servant. Because, yes, I'm that kind of guy.

    Eeep! ;-)

  3. OMG, Vera. I was crushing on him as Lancel in Game of Thrones, and now you're posting about him? I love you! I've told you that, right? LOL!