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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The 21st Century Disney Boy

Here we have Mr. Chris Galya,  who appears on the new-ish Disney Channel comedy, Jessie. There may have been a time when the folks at Disney would have been taken aback by the idea of these highly sexualized photos of the cute guy on one of their kiddy shows, but those days seem to  be gone. (However, if Miley Cyrus where to do something like this, there would be Hell to pay.)

At age 20, Chris has already had a successful modeling career, as well as a role in David Decoteu's god-awful direct-to-video production,  1313 Actor Slash Model, in which he is called upon to walk around for ten minutes inside a large hideous McMansion, wearing nothing but board shorts and flip-flops. Two thumbs up.

You might be interested in Chris' YouTube channel, where he used to make goofy little videos, and does his impressions of famous stars, some pretty good (Regis Philbin) , some not (Betty White).

More screen captures from 1313 Actor Slash Model, as well as photos from Chris' modeling career, after the jump.

1 comment:

  1. Well it's only consequent:
    Nipple counting on Sesame Street - Sexxy guys for Disney. I like it!
    Chris is a true masterpiece of the creator I think!