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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vera's Big Purple Gay Blog

Back to his rightful place.
I was feeling nostalgic for my old, purple blog with the sweet picture of Alex Pettyfer at the top, so, after considering it for the better part of three months, I brought them back. So sue me.


Jumzz thinks that he is too pale. What do you think?

L'Uomo Ezra

Ezra Miller looks fabulous in these photos from the latest issue of L'Uomo Vogue, and I'm sure he has something interesting to say in the accompanying article, but I'll never know because I don't speak Italian. My public school education fails me again.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Those Gams!

I was perusing this elegant (and hot) tumblr blog yesterday - it's called No Rhyme or Reason, and I probably would never have discovered it had it's owner not sent me a very nice email the other day- and I became fixated on this picture of a Polish model named Alex Bedlitski.  Isn't he gorgeous?  I love everything about him, especially his amazing eyes and ridiculous jaw line.  But here's what really grabbed me:  his legs.  I do not know why, but there is something about Alex Bedlitski's legs in this photo that simply make me lose my composure.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can Anyone Explain This To Me?

Photography by Kwannam Chu
If anyone can explain how I am just getting around to seeing these year-old photos of a very beautiful, exotic, and slightly over-styled (but nobody's perfect) model named Nigel, please do.  And if anyone knows anything more about Nigel, please tell me.  Because, let me tell you, if you want to be frustrated, a good way to do it is by doing a Google search for a model named Nigel, and expecting to find this particular needle in the haystack.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special Ed

I don't believe you know about my love of Downton  Abbey, because I haven't discussed it here, but you will now, because word has just reached me that Ed Speleers has been been added to the cast.  Huzzah!  Poor Ed, his career seems to have been one bad break after another.  I hope this works out well for him.

Some Odds and Ends

Today I will share a few things that have been on my mind lately, or piling up on my desktop, or whatever.

There are few things in the world more adorable than a boy and a dog.  Especially when the boy is a half-naked River Viiperi.

After eleven years, my totally unreasonable obsession with American Idol rages unabated.  I can' rationalize it. This year I'm all about Phillip Phillips. And, let's face it, Heejun Han.

And speaking of musical talent shows-

One Direction, the third place finishers in the 2010 U.K. X Factor, have made Billboard chart history by being the first U.K. act to have their debut album debut at #1 on the Billboard album chat.  Nice going, boys.  Now, why don't you come over to my place and we'll celebrate?

So, yeah, this is kind of out of left field, but we were talking about Busby Berkeley movies at work today (really!) and I thought about this number from Gold Diggers of 1937. It's the best part of one of the weaker films from Berkeley's Warner Brothers oeuvre. I mostly like it for Joan Blondell's little spoken part, in which she coolly outlines her plan to marry an old guy so she can fuck him to death.  "A sudden love attack, and I get all his jack."  Indeed.

Finally, our friend April sent us this, a fake movie poster for the (nonexistent) movie version of her novel, The Howling Heart, with Alex Pettyfer as the male lead, Riley. The original photo is by Greg Gorman. Kind of cool, I think.

Speaking of fake things, and Alex Pettyfer,  the gossip sites have been all agog with the rumor, which they are presenting as if it were news, that Alex and his current girlfriend Riley Keough (she is Elvis Presley's granddaughter, and at one time was Michael Jackson's stepdaughter) are engaged. How do they know about this?  Why, because Riley was photographed wearing a ring.  Since that's their only evidence, I think I'll hold off on picking out a wedding present.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New From Nick

If you were to stumble upon How to Rock, the new show on kid's network Nickelodeon, for the first time, you'd be excused for thinking that you've seen it before.  It is pretty exactly like all the other Nick sitcoms: pretty people, silly situations, some kind of showbiz element, and broad overacting from everyone involved. In short, nothing that anyone over the age of twelve would probably be interested in. Except...did I mention the pretty people?   Here's 19-year-old singer/actor/model Max Schneider, who has appeared on Broadway, co-starred with Madonna in a big Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign,  and like everybody who is interested in a music career these days, uploads homemade music videos on YouTube. Also, you could grate cheese on his abs and slice deli meat on his cheekbones. Not that I notice such things.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two Leprechauns

Well, I couldn't let St. Patrick's Day pass without doing something about it.  Even though a day devoted to celebrating the life and legend of an ancient Catholic priest, which has devolved into a day devoted to drinking as much alcohol as you possibly can, would not seem to be a perfect fit with my sensibilities, it is still the day of my people.

Last year I chose Mr. Niall Horan of One Direction as my sexy Irish leprechaun, and this year, because of the fan frenzy surrounding the boys in the USA, I feel that it is appropriate that I do it again. But it occurred to me that another Irish fellow of note had made his mark on pop culture this year.  I refer of course, to adorable Damian McGinty, of The Glee Project/Glee fame.  So I'm going to have them both.

Here's One Direction channeling The Monkees in their One Thing music video.

And here's Damian channeling Kermit the Frog.

You will find more of our boys after the jump.

Has This Gone Viral Yet?

If this video hasn't gone viral, it should.  Made me laugh. A lot.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Open Letter To Google

If I were River Viiperi, this is how I'd look right now.
Dear Google

Just so you know, I have absolutely no interest in taking part in your Google+ crapola.  Please stop doing things to try and force me to participate, because it isn't going to happen, and it just serves to drive me away from the services of yours I already use. 

To sum up, you are pissing me off. Stop it.

How Did I Miss This?

This is not a new photo of a nearly naked River Viiperi, so why am I just now seeing it?  Granted, River is so ubiquitous these days that it's nearly impossible to keep up, but damn!  This picture is enough to give a fellow ideas.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Lately, a current guilty pleasure of mine, very guilty, is the Disney Channel train wreck known as Austin and Ally, and the main pleasure I get from it is gazing upon the loveliness of 16 year old Ross Lynch as fictional YouTube pop star Austin Moon (not to be confused with real life YouTube pop star Austin Mahone).  Last night, Disney started airing their second batch of Austin and Ally episodes, the first episodes that were produced with full knowledge of fan reaction to the show, and whaddayaknow, they managed to get Ross about as undressed as they could possibly get away with on kid's show.  Disney knows what on which side their bread is buttered, and they know who their audience is: 12 year old girls. Like me.