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Friday, April 13, 2012

Gorgeous Gregg Goes South

It took a trip to Peru, to do good works, to make it happen, but we finally have the shirtless pictures of Gregg Sulkin that we've long been hoping for. Also on hand for this South American sojourn is Gregg's best mate, David Henrie, who has been happily removing his shirt for the camera for years. Shirtless David may fall into the "old news" category- except for some newly grown chest fuzz- but these are the most close-up, high-def shots of the dimpled one, Gregg, we have ever had the privilege to see, and we're mighty happy to have them.

And here's some bonus fuzzy David.


  1. The dimpled one looks terrific!

  2. I heard the lads are down south filming an adult tour de force, "The Twinks of Machu Picchu". Or perhaps I just dreamt it.

    Until we find out for sure, thank you for the wunnerful photos!

  3. Great to see Gregg showing off his buff body - that chest is amazing!