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Friday, April 27, 2012

There's A Thing That Happens...

Now and again it seems as if the universe is pushing something towards you, as if it wanted you to see it. Take, for instance, this picture here, which I used in my Sunday Roundup the other day.

I think you'll agree that this is an extraordinarily good-looking fellow, but why was I suddenly seeing this picture everywhere I turned?  I saw it here, and here, and here, and then, just the other day,  when a different picture of the same boy turned up at Loco Luke's Luscious Lads, what was I to think?   Truth be told, I don't really believe that the universe, or any higher power is trying to tell me what to do, but this boy, being what he is, was bound to cross my path, and I, being what I am, was bound to take notice.

Just in case you were wondering, the boy in question is Duston Rogers, and aside from being a model, he is a farm boy from GeorgiaDuston's very first modeling job, about two years ago, was a campaign for Abercrombie Kids (see below),  photographed by none other than Bruce Weber.  Not a bad start! 

Do you wish to see more of Dustin?  After the jump, your wish shall be granted.


  1. what a fabulous dunston post ! odd though it may seem
    every time i see a picture of dunston . i keep thinking he looks like david bowie .

  2. Had I a blog called "Loco Luke's lusciously lipped bois", he would be my banner boi!

  3. What a treasure trove! I realize now that I had seen a couple of those elsewhere (but only a couple), but I hadn't understood that it was the same boy. So I think your eyes are as sharp as you are generous and prolific, as well as dutiful to the signals that flash before you!

  4. Wow. I live in Georgia, near actual farms, but I have never seen such as Dunston behind a plow. Had I done, no doubt I'd have had an accident ... in more ways than one!