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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Note To Members Of My Generation

If you are roughly my age, and pardon me if I am not specific, there is have something I want to say to you.  The next time you get it through your head to bemoan the clothing / hairstyle / music of the kids today, please remember this:

And then remind yourself that you have no room to talk.  And by the way, Kajagoogoo isn't even a particularly egregious example.


  1. To me you will always be the young generation, Vera sweety <3

  2. Oh my...I think I had a crush on Limahl back then....

  3. Why thank you, Peter. You too will be forever young.

    Luke, me too. Those bony shoulders in the Too Shy video, made me swoon.

  4. I never complain about youth hair and clothing styles and don't even find anything terribly wrong with the example of an earlier generation that you showed. But I do have some objection to pierced rings in the mouth and nose (those places in particular--the mouth thing always seems to stimulate drooling and the nose thing always looks like they are dripping with snot), and a body full of tattoos. I have come to kind of like some of that when I see it on somebody else (definitely never on me), and, especially with tattoos, have managed to break through what I think maybe is a barrier to actually talk with and discuss a tattoo with a stranger who has something artistically interesting. They do seem to appreciate and enjoy somebody noticing a particular design and being willing to comment on it positively. That doesn't mean that I UNDERSTAND it though, but then I realize that it is none of my business to understand it. If they feel like doing it, then that is their right. And some of the tattoos actually are fascinating, particularly when they are unique. I do hope though, generally, that it becomes a trend that will fade away, like various fashions.