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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Good Cook

This may be one for the pantheon.  Lovely George Cook could be Paddy Mitchell's almost as beautiful brother. Although, in my opinion, he may not quite equal Paddy, who, let's face it, is perfect, there is no denying that George is quite a vision.  Already he has appeared alongside top model Sebastian Sauve in a campaign for Frankie Morello, and has been photographed by some of my favorite photogs, including Cecilie Harris, Pantellis, and Kai Z Feng.  And that's all I know. Any other info about him would be greatly appreciated. 

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  1. Oh yes, this guy! I have seen a few of his pictures before (I especially remember the one with the pith helmet) and he has stopped me in my tracks! (The way you described him vis a vis Paddy is right on; I kind of would think of Paddy as the "athletic" brother, whereas "Cook" is more the "artistic" brother, despite their both being athletic and artistic.)

    I am so glad you put together this collection. Despite how much I like the shirtless pictures, my favorite in this set happens to be the third from the end. He is so beautiful there. I love his hair, which I call "Rooster hair", but why I do is hard to explain. But somehow it is just so masculine and arrogant, and as I have said before, I love a very good-looking guy who takes advantage of that and plays it up even further; no need for "modesty" when it obviously CAN'T be genuine. That would be like Barbra Streisand saying, "Well, I can't really sing, but...." I say, "Sing out, Louise!"

  2. What a wonderfull post , I think I came across George the other week on tumblr and I was really struck by him
    . Thanks for finding more pictures of him , I think he could be my new favourite for flaming June !

  3. I can say that he has been scouted by Cesar Perin from Roost London, (
    in August 2010 ( but I fear that such information is not enough to make you shiver with ecstasy, my dearest Vera.
    I can add that he works for he works for M+P models London and for DNA models New York, but I doubt you have had an orgasm for so little.
    So I add that he has recntly worked for Frankie Morello:
    Still no ecstasy? Too bad, I will try my luck again.
    Have a great weekend, my dear Vera, with a kiss of your French lover...
    And forgive me for not having leave comments on your blog for a long time, I've been busy (Your twin brother knows this partly).