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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Disney, What Have You Wrought?

The string of insanely beautiful, shirtless Disney boys just got a little bit longer the other day when Billy Unger,  one of the stars of a ridiculous, but apparently quite popular show on Disney XD called Lab Rats, posted this photo on his Twitter account.  "For the ladies," he wrote. As if.  Billy is 16, which is totally legal in the state where I live, but I promise not to lay a hand on him until he's at least 21.


  1. Woah! Didn't know Billy boy is that buff!

  2. While I have long thought that Disney pulls from a very good gene pool, you have posted an outstanding example of that! (Saving him in my file entitled "Perfect Body".)

  3. I saw this photo elsewhere and thought you might like it. [I thought lots of other things first, of course, but let's not go there!] I kinda figured you might have run across the photo also, as you clearly have. Good taste is timeless.