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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Yankee Doodle Dandy Sunday Roundup

Since this is the first week in July, and Independence Day celebrations are looming, I thought, what better time for an always popular Sunday Roundup. Besides, since  it has been too darn hot to go outside for the past few days,  I thought a great way to stay cool would be to sit at my computer in my overly air conditioned home and choose a nice selection of pictures that will heat you up.  Enjoy!

Would you believe, 174 more pictures after the jump?

Be sure to click for full-size versions.


  1. I think I just died a little, best of the best of the best

  2. One of your best ever Roundups!


  3. Some real jawdroppers here!
    Thanks for staring!

  4. Based on the practice of those cultures that cool off by eating chili peppers and drinking hot tea, after thoroughly enjoying every one of these superlative hotties, I am now as cool as the cucumber that throbs between my legs!

  5. This stunning visual paean to pulchritude is but one of the many reasons it's such a pleasure to visit Vera's after some time away. Vera, my dear, you have outdone yourself ... yet again!

  6. Pounds a hole in concrete with my boner :D