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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Non-Pornographic Pornography Sunday Roundup!

Here we have 100+ boys who are perfectly willing to show you everything, but you are going to have to go somewhere else to see it.  I've mentioned before that my favorite parts of photographic porn are the bits where the subjects are not quite naked.  Well, here's a rather large collection of examples.  Be prepared for the following:
  • Tortured poses
  • Unfortunate tattoos
  • Funny haircuts
  • Questionable fashion choices
  • Interesting underwear
  • Wispy mustaches
  • Awkward kissing
  • Inventive use of props
  • Bizarre interior design
  • Baby oil abuse
If you should have an urge to seek out any of these models for further investigation, I believe that all of the photos are watermarked by their originators,  and most of the file names contain the nom de porn of the boys pictured in them.  I am assured that all of these models are 18 years of age, or older, and that there is proof of this on file somewhere.  I don't happen to know where.

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  1. Non-Nude? Really? That certainly isn't Tristan's penis... must be a sausage or a deformed carrot.

  2. I don't know how I missed that. But sadly, it has to go.

  3. What a wonderful post, I love the fact that you cannot see the downstairs gubbins of these handsome young fellows. The old saying, less is more, fits perfectly.

    Thanks for this lovely entertainment

  4. I realize that I didn't get to enjoy those of these that I might have seen the first time (on my own), since I would skip ahead to the "pornographic pornography"! It was nice having this particular focus (not that my habits are going to change!).